The health resort Sairme is located to the south of Kutaisi, 950 meters above sea level. This unique location offers healing springs, an ecologically clean environment, and beautiful nature. It is located in a subtropical mountainous area.

The medicinal qualities of the mineral and thermal springs at Sairme were already well known in the 19th century. Several small springs flow on the territory of the resort. They differ in their chemical composition and medicinal treatment qualities, and each spring was given specific number after chemical analyses were conducted. The uniqueness and medicinal treatment capabilities of each of the springs was precisely defined, contemporary-style drinking fountains were installed, making the process of drinking water out of the medicinal springs and determining the correct dosage for guests more comfortable.




Several illnesses are said to be able to be treated by the springs of Sairme:

Pump room № 1: Urinary calculus disease (treatment of chronic kidney disease, salt diathesis, as well as prophylactic treatment )

Pump room № 2 : Bile-pebble diseases ( chronic cholecystitis, chronic hepatitis, not aggravated form, as well as for prophylactic purposes)

Pump room № 3 : Disturbance of metabolism ( diabetes, salt diathesis, arthritis, osteochondrosis)

Pump room № 4 : Gastrointestinal diseases ( peptic ulcer, disease, increased or decreased acidity, colitis)

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